'Annette & Larry Show'

We've had that title (above) hung on us a few times as speakers and facilitators, so we use it here jokingly.
Here are an assortment of photographs taken over the last year. Most of them are self-explanatory. The third image down on the right was taken at the Long Beach Convention Center as Annette received a 'Special Service' Award for her contributions to the field from the American Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT); presented by President Marcy Driscoll in Feb. 2000.



The photo of Annette at the computer (below left) shows a little bit of our workspace arrangement in the 'house.' If you want to learn more about that and more about us in general, we invite you to visit the 'Mobile Mavericks' section of this website.



Okay, so not everyone gets excited about receiving propane tanks at Christmas, but it goes with our lantern . . . and so we will keep on camping. See yah on down the road.

Created by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 1/99
Updated by Larry Johnson, 7/00
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