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Flash Projects

space personYou can find many examples of Flash technology on the web. The following links take you to websites that contain Flash projects. Explore these projects to refine your skills at evaluation, as well as a source for ideas. Pay particular attention to how the page directs user attention to the Flash elements. While some of these projects runs automatically, in other cases you'll need to look for a button to start the Flash program.

In some instances, the links will take you directly to the Flash program. Other times you may have to search around to find the Flash elements. In other words, not every element you find on these pages will be a Flash program. Try right-clicking within an element frame for identification of the Flash Player. Learn to identify and recognize different Flash products.

Use the following links to access the links on this page:


Student, Teacher, and School Projects

The following projects were created by students.

Here are some teacher and school examples:

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Subject Area Flash Projects

General Topics


Computer Lab Favorites (Interactive learning activities) from Scholastic

Drive of Your Life - Career exploration from The Indiana Youth Institute

Educational Games at Nobel Prize (Games & simulations)

Freedomknot - Tying your shoes (Interactive tutorial, procedure)

Games at PBS Kids

Kids Games at Alfy Storyville

National Geographic

Pauly Playhouse (Learning games)

Professor Garfield

Travel Ideas from the Travel Channel

WickED - Interactives from New Zealand

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Communication, Language Arts, Literature


BritSpeak from PBS (Matching Word Game)

Do You Speak American from PBS

ESL & EFL Games

Explore the Life and Legacy of Shakespeare from John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

Game Goo

Interesting Things (ESL & EFL)

Knowing Poe from Thinkport (Exploration)

Language - French from what2learn (Q&A)

Nathaniel Hawthorne from (PEM) Peabody Essex Museum

Read Write Think Student Materials (Interactive Tools)

Spelling from what2learn (Q&A)


Fine Arts

Access Art - creative approaches to teaching and learning particularly for those who learn best visually, spatially and kinesthetically.

Art Games (Games) at Albright-KnoX Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY

Artist's Toolkit (Interactive Tools) at Art's Connected

Arts of the 1940's, The from John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

A Dancer's Journal: Martha Graham (Escrapbook, primary documents) at ArtsEdge, The Kennedy Arts Center

Hands on Crafts (Tutorials) from Mint Museums & Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, NC

Invention at Play at Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation, Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

Island Thresholds (Exhibit) at Peabody Essex Museum (PEM)

Museum of Modern Art (Online activities)

NGA Kids (Interactive tools) - National Gallery of Art

Prisoner's Sketchbook, A (Escrapbook, primary documents) at Great Escape, PBS Nova Online

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Health and Physical Education

Dying to be Thin (Interactive glossary) at PBS Nova Online

Edheads Virtual Knee Surgery (Simulation)

Food Technology from what2learn (Q&A)

Healthy Hopping from University of Illinois Extension

MyPyramid Blast Off Game (Simulation) from the U.S. Department of Agriculture

Out on a Limb (Simulation) from the Urban Programs Resource Network

Physical Education from what2learn (Q&A) - Tobacco education site from Government of Ontario, CA

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The Drake Equation (Interactive Tool) from Origins, PBS Nova Online

Early Math: Grades 1 & 2 at PBS Kids Games

Infinite Secrets: Pi (Interactive Tool) from PBS Nova Online

Mad Money (Game) from It's My Life, PBS Kids

Maryland Public Television


Pauly's Game Page

Sorting Bricks and Sticks at Mathsite

Vector Kids

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Music and Performing Arts

Arizona Opera

Arts Alive Canada

ArtsEdge from The Kennedy Center

Corridos sin Fronteras from Smithsonian Institution

DSO Kids (Game & activities) from Dallas Symphony Association

EARS at The Conservatory, Mount Royal College, CA

New York Philharmonic Kidzone (Games)

SFS Kids from San Francisco Symphony

Thumb Piano Tunes (Tool) from PBSKids

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Ace on the Case at Secrets and Sea (Simulation)

ASPIRE Physics Labs at the University of Utah

The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits (Simulation)

Brainpop (Free and fee-based: quizzes and simulations)

Destination: International Space Station from NASA

Dinosphere at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Discovery Channel (Animal Planet)

EdHeads (Simulations)

The Elements (Animated Song)

Field Museum, The

How Stuff Works (Search for "animation')

Let's Talk about Insects (Tutorial) from University of Illinois Extension

Global Tribe (Interactive slide show) from PBS

How the Body Works from KidsHealth

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Name that Bug from Orkin (Problem solving, Q & A)

National Geographic

National Geographic Kids

In most cases you'll need to click "Launch Interactive" or "Launch Slide Show" for the Flash to begin.

Ology (Interactives) from American Museum of Natural History

P.O.V. Borders | Environment (Tutorial) from PBS

Schools Science Clips (Interactive Activities) from BBC

Science Education Resources (Practice) from what2learn

Smithsonian (Online exhibitions)


Tool Index (Interactives) at Science Netlinks

Virtual Frog Dissection from McGraw-Hill

Windward: Outsmart the Weather in a Race Around the World at Cable in the Classroom

Zoom from PBSKids

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Social Studies

Asia Society

Ben's Guide to US Government

Discovery Channel

Elections from Cable in the Classroom

Eternal Egypt

Frontline from PBS

Great Lodges (Virtual field trips, slide shows, photos) from PBS

Growth of a Nation (Animated map) at Animated Atlas by Peter Mays

Games (Games, interactives, puzzles) at History Channel

Games at McCord Museum of Canadian History

Holocaust Era in Croatia (Interactive exhibit) at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

National Geographic


Peabody Essex Museum

Smithsonian - Art and Social Studies Online Exhibitions

Sport of Life and Death, The: The Mesoamerican Ballgame

Wayback from PBS

Museum of Costume

Splendid American History (Information) at Digital History

Stop Bullying Now! (Story, persuasion)

Theban Mapping Project (Choose the Atlas of the Valley of Kings and Atlas of the Theban Necropolis)


U Street in Focus: Exploring Washington's Historic Neighborhood (Virtual field trip) at The Washington Post

State Capitals at Vectorkids

Winged Sandals (Simulation) at Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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Electronic Books

Museum Exhibits

American Museum of Natural History


icovia Room Planner from Steinhafels Furniture

Small Blue Printer

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Electronic Greeting Cards

Smithsonian Kids E-Cards

Diaries, Journals, Logs

Amy's Diary (Scans)


Games Machine (Games) at BBC

Orisinal: Morning Sunshine - Wonderful original games! *

David and Goliathees

Fetchfido's Free Online Games

Fun and Games at Ben & Jerry's


Snow Days at Popular Front

Springfield Snow Fight at The Simpsons

Humor, Parodies, and Political Satire

30-second Bunnies Theatre from Angry Alien Productions

HomeStarRunner (Stories)

JibJab (Original animations)

Olympics by Bruno Bozzetto


Mythbuster Puzzles at Discovery Channel

Promotions and Advertising

Corpse Bride by Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.

The Meatrix

Superbowl Commercials at NFL Fanhouse


Tribute to Mopsey. A (photos) by Mike Stanfill at Private Hand

Mixed Animations

Albino Blacksheep (Some may be offensive)

Avery Ant and His One Minute Rant (some may be offensive)

Flashimation by Mike Stanfill at Private Hand (some may be offensive)

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Award Winners

Explore the following award winning projects to see the wide variety of Flash applications.

Museums and the Web (Mixture of web and Flash-based) at Archives & Museum Informatics

FITC Awards (Flash in the Can) - The Flash awards

Muse Awards (Mixture of web and Flash-based) from The American Association of Museums, Media and Technology Committee

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Flash Websites

The following websites contain a wide variety of Flash games, animations, music, and more. Keep in mind that they may not all be appropriate for children or young adults.

Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Design Center - Galleries, articles and tips on motion and interactive design.

Flash Help and Support at Adobe

Flash Blogs

If you'd like to keep up on the latest Flash activities, check out some of the following blogs:

Mike Chambers - Blogsite of principal Product Manager for developer relations for the Flash platform at Adobe.

My Adobe Flash Tech Blog by Team Flashactions

theFlashBlog by Lee Brimelow

Personal and Professional Flash Portfolios

Free Range Studios

Terra Incognita Productions - Professional portfolio of Flash work; company has won many awards.

Peter Yeadon - Portfolio - be sure to check out Fido luggage

Ruy Adorno - Flash Developer (Start exploring by clicking on an icon block)

Flash Tutorials

GotoAndLearn (video tutorials) by Lee Brimelow

Flash Developer Center at Adobe
Related Section:

Getting Started

Flash Professional CS5 and Flash Catalyst CS5 for Dummies - This website goes with the book.

Flash Tutorials at Online Training Library provided by Indiana University Information Technology Services. (Note: follow the instructions to go to and login for full access - top of the webpage). Once into the library, scroll down the course menu until you find listings for Flash Professional CS5. Find the following courses:
Flash Professional CS5 Essential Training with Todd Perkins (187 videoclips / 24 chapters)
Flash Professional CS5: Animation Projects with Paul Trani (25 videoclips / 6 chapters)
Flash Professional CS5: Code Snippets and Templates in Depth with David Gassner
Flash Professional CS5 New Features with Todd Perkins

Flash Developer Websites

Cartoon Smart - Tutorials for Flash and other software for cartooning.

Flash Kit - A Flash developer resource site

Moock Flash

Flash Example Websites

Many websites simply link to other Flash websites. These can be useful when you're seeking project or troubleshooting ideas.

21 Well-Designed Flash Portfolios at Warm Forest

25 Amazing Flash Portfolio Sites by Steven Snell (Aug 2009)

Adobe Flash Customer Stories

Best Flash Animation Site - Lots of examples, software reviews, tutorials, and same ActionScripts.

Top 40 Awesomely Unique (And Creative) Flash Portfolio Sites at TemplateMonster Blog

Other Examples

Engaging Learners the SMARTboard Way at eduScapes Activate

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