Our Flight

After walking down the jetway to the plane, we found our seats. We put on our seatbeats and listened to the flight attendant tell us about safety.

Flat doesn't like smoking. He liked it when the flight attendant said there was no smoking on the plane. It was interesting that the signs on the plane and in the airport were in many languages such as English and other languages like Spanish, French, German, Chinese, or Japanese. There were also lots of pictures to explain what to do and what not to do.

The airplane took us from Dallas Texas to Tokyo Japan. We then switched planes and flew to Beijing China. The flight took many hours. After a few hours Flat decided to get up and stretch. He took a stroll down the aisle, talked to the flight attendants, and did some exercises.

Flat decided it would be fun to explore the restroom. It's called a lavatory on the airplane. It has a toilet and a place to wash your hands. The room is very small, but just right for Flat.

The flight attendants took good care of us. They gave us lots of things to drink including water, juice, and soda. We also got breakfast and dinner. You could choose between Western food and Asian food. The western food included things like steak, chicken, and scrambled eggs. The Asian food was rice and sushi. Sushi is a cold fish that is very popular in Japan. Flat tried many kinds of food, but he liked the plastic bag of Cherrios we brought with us the best.

When we got on the plane we changed our watches to the time in Japan. We decided it was important to sleep on the plane even though we weren't tired. We also read books and magazines, played card games, and listened to music.

Flat really liked the personal televisions and remote control. He watched lots of movies. He saw Scooby Do twice!

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