Eating In Beijing

We expected to find lots of local restaurants in Beijing. Instead, we saw KFC, McDonalds, Subway, and many other western food places.


After a long day of shopping, we were ready for some french fries. Flat thought McDonalds was fun. It was cool the way the signs outside were in both Chinese and English. However the menu inside was only in Chinese. It was lucky we could order by menu number.



While eating our McDonald's food, it was hard to remember that we were in China. Look at the picture of Flat on the left. The only way you can tell it's a Chinese McDonalds are the Chinese words on the Coke.

We thought the sandwiches were smaller and the Diet Coke tasted strange, but otherwise it was just like home.

We didn't see many tourists in the McDonalds. Most of the people were young locals.


Hard Rock Cafe

We thought it would be fun to explore other western restaurants. We decided to take a taxi to the Hard Rock Cafe. The taxi from the hotel was fun. As we got into the taxi, the bellman gave us a business card with the hotel address. When we got into a taxi to go back to the hotel, we just showed the driver the card and he took us right there!

The Hard Rock Cafe has a beautiful front door. Although we enjoyed the setting and service. The food was awful.

We were still hungry, so we decided to stop at the ice cream place for dessert. We saw a great poster in the window for a fondue and gave it a try. Annette and Flat are eating in the photo below. Yummy!


After trying many different restaurants, we were surprised how little language was a problem. For example, at Schlotzsky's Deli the left side of the board was in Chinese and the right side was in English. The worker took our order in English.

A few times we were just too tired to go out. Flat thought it was cool to call for room service. It was really no more expensive than going out. Flat had pancakes.

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