In the Cockpit

Just before breakfast, the flight attendant asked Flat if he wanted to go to the cockpit and meet the pilot.

Flat had to leave Arrion and Annette in their seats and go alone. He was excited, but also a little nervous. The fight attendant took Flat and the digital camera down the aisle through business class and first class to the cockpit up front.


Most flights have two pilots. On long flights there are many pilots who take turns flying the plane.

Flat got to meet many different pilots. They all enjoyed telling him about their job. Flat got to sit all over the cockpit. He even sat in the co-pilot's seat. He had the most fun sitting on the ear of one of the pilots.

The plane ride was very smooth. We were cruising at 35000 feet above the ground! You can see the altitude on the dashboard next to Flat below.


Flat thinks being a pilot would be a great job because they get to fly all over the world. It takes lots of work to be a pilot. Flat likes school, so he thinks flight school would be fun.

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Developed by Annette Lamb, 11/02.