Exploring Seoul

We really enjoyed our time in Seoul, South Korea. We were greeted with smiles everywhere we went. Everyone wanted to hold Flat Stanley and take his picture.

The Royal Palaces of Seoul

South Korea has many wonderful historical sites. We enjoyed visiting the Toksugung Palace areas downtown.

Below is the Royal Audience Hall (Chunghwajon). It's in the center of the area.

Flat loves the bright colors of the guards. He also likes getting his picture taken on the sculptures.

There were lots of children exploring the Palace grounds. They had a good time in the art museum. We spent time outside talking with the museum director about the differences between schools in America and South Korea.

Seoul is one of the largest cities in the world, but the enclosed walls of the palace area made us feel like we were in our own little universe.

The trees were all changing colors. They were red, yellow, gold, orange. Many people came to the park just to enjoy a walk in the woods.

Many people get their wedding photos taken in the park. Below you can see couples getting their picture taken in traditional Korea clothing along with modern wedding wear.




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