Namsan Park & Seoul Tower

Flat and Annette took the subway from the Palace area back to the marketplace. After exploring the markets, we decided to go the Namsan Park and the Seoul Tower. Although some people walk to the top of the hill, we decided to take the cable car. From the cable car we could see all over the city.





Once we were at the top, we saw lots of families who were exploring the park. The kids liked playing with Flat Stanley.

The Seoul Tower is 240 meters tall and sits on a high point in the city. Visitors take an elevator to the top and can look out the windows to see the city of Seoul all the way around. The city seems to go forever.

People can look through special binoculars to see the city close-up.

After exploring the park, we walked down the hill to our hotel. The leaves on the trees were beautiful. We also passed some interested rocks with Korean lettering.

Although we enjoyed our trip to China, Japan, and South Korea, it was time to go home. We were so tired, we didn't take any pictures on the way home.



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