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Earthquake Terror
Author: Peg Kehret
Ages: 9-12
Topic: Brothers & Sisters, Disasters, Earthquakes, Families, Pets, Physical Disabilities, Survival
Genre: Action & Adventure Fiction 
The Palmer family is all ready for an exciting camping vacation on an isolated island in northern California. While on a hike, their mother falls and breaks her ankle. The father heads to the nearest hospital with the mother, while twelve-year-old Jonathan stays on the island with his partially paralyzed younger sister, Abby. The family dog is there to help. When an earthquake hits the island, Jonathan is faced with many problems while trying to keep his sister safe.
Beyond the Book
Use the Internet Connections below to find resources needed to complete the following activities:
  • Try some online earthquake activities
  • Write a newspaper article or script for a TV report about the earthquake and the Palmer family adventure.
  • Make a list of items to have available all the time for a weather emergency.
  • Make a list of dog heroes you have read about.
  • Discuss the challenges people with disabilities might face.
  • Identify the most likely places in California for future earthquakes.
  • Find out whether you're likely to have an earthquake in your area.
  • Create a model showing how an earthquake works.
Internet Connections 

Understanding Earthquakes
USGA Earthquake Information
Earthquake Home Preparedness Guide
California Rockin' and Rollin'
Thematic Unit: Disasters ( pdf file; Math & science; 8th grade; Earthquake Terror)
Eathquakes Theme Page
Webquests on Earthquakes:
Earthquake by Louise Jaskoski
Discovering Earthquakes
Earthquake Webquest (Grade 3-9)
Earthquakes in Illinois?
Earthquakes Mammoth Lakes Area Webquest
Lessons on Earthquakes:
Earthquakes and the Behavior of Earth Matherial
Getting Ready for the Big One (Grade 6-8)
Learn From the Past: Prepare for the future (Grades 9-12)
A Number of Lessons on Earthquakes:
Author and Book Connections 
Explore information about the author of the book:
Peg Kehret's Own site
Author Study
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