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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Author: Mark Twain
Genre: Fiction
Do you like an adventure? I'd like you to meet a kid who is always getting into grand adventures. If everything is quiet, he will always find
something exciting to do. He lives outdoors as comfortably as in. He can pucker up and blow a whistle with no fingers, knows all kinds of facts
about critters, and can do some pretty fast tracking if the need arises. His name is Tom Sawyer.
Join Tom and Becky Thatcher as they explore a cave, get seperated from their friends and become lost. To make it worse, they get chased by bats
(one knocks Becky's candle out of her hand and puts it out) and have to avoid a dangerous criminal who is also in the cave. You'll have to read The
Adventures of Tom Sawyer for yourself to find out if they are rescued and what it is they find in the cave.

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
Grades 6-8 - study questions, vocabulary, project guidelines, final exam, Tom Sawyer Jeopardy on-line game.
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A list of websites that provide Tom Sawyer inspired fun (learn to whistle, learn to tie all the knots you'll ever need to know, identifying tracks, exploring backyard wildlife, etc.).
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