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Examine the schedule below. The first column contains dates. The second column contains activities you should work on during the week indicated by the date. The third column showns specific assignments that are due on the date indicated in the first column.

Note on Due Dates: All assignments are due by MIDNIGHT on the dates listed.
One advantage of this type of course is flexibility. However based on my experiences teaching online, it's important to establish due dates. The due dates are provided to ensure that all students are successful in this course. Please let me know if you need to change these dates because of personal or professional responsibilities.

Summer 2013

Suggested Activities
Assignments Due

Before Wed May 8

Get into Oncourse  
Wed May 8 Read Overview to High Tech Learning (HTL)
Read HTL: Learners
Read HTL: Facilitating Learning
Read HTL: Evidence-based Approaches
Read HTL: Librarians & Web 2.0
Read HTL: High Tech Issues
Read HTL: Open Source
Read HTL: High Tech Hardware
Oncourse Profile
Introduce Yourself Due
Fri May 10 Read High Tech Tools
Read Tools: Texts
Read Tools: Illustrations
Mon May 13 Read Tools: Photographs Fiesta 1:
High Tech Learning
Wed May 15 Read Tools: Sound
Read Tools: Video
Fiesta 1 Reply Due
Fiesta 2:
Digital Photography
Fri May 17 Read Tools: 3D, Animation, and Multimedia Slide Shows  
Mon May 20 Read High Tech Learning Spaces
Read Learning Spaces: Email and Text Messaging
Read Learning Spaces: Forums
Fiesta 3:
Sound, Video & 3D/Animation
Wed May 22 Read Spaces: Blogs, Podcasts, & Videocasts.
Read Blogs: Blogging
Read Blogs: Audio Sharing
Read Blogs: Video Sharing
Read Blogs: RSS
Fiesta 3 Reply Due
Fri May 24 Work on Fiesta 4 Fiesta 4:
Blogs, Podcasts, & Videocasts
Mon May 27 Memorial Day Holiday Nothing Due
Wed May 29 Read Spaces: Virtual Conferencing  
Fri May 31 Read Spaces: Collaborative Web with Wikis Fiesta 4 Reply Due
Mon June 3 Read Spaces: Social Technology
Read Spaces: Social Networks
Read Spaces: MUVE
Wed June 5 Read Spaces: Course Management Systems Fiesta 5:
Social Networks
Fri June 7 Read Spaces: Digital Learning Spaces
Read Spaces: Desktop Learning Spaces
Read Spaces: Electronic Whiteboards and Clickers
Fiesta 5 Reply Due
Mon June 10 Read Spaces: Interactive Technology
Read Spaces: Interactives
Read Spaces: Widgets
Fiesta 6:
Learning Spaces
Wed June 12 Read Spaces: Mobile Apps
Read Spaces: Augmented Reality
Read Spaces: Gaming
Fiesta 6 Reply Due
Fri June 14 Work on Final Project Fiesta 7:
Interactive Technology
M June 17   Fiesta 7 Reply
Last Day for Late Fiestas
W June 19   Final Project Due
F June 21   Course Evaluation Due

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