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Check out a few examples from previous semesters. Keep in mind that not all the required components may be visible. In some cases, the written portion was submitted separately and is not available. Also, the assignments and point values may be different from semester to semester.

Fall 2012 (Best of)

Acoustic Guitar for Beginners (Web)
Foam Board Delta Wing (Web)
Oak Street Library (Web)
Seven Slices of Research (Web)
Virtual Visitations (Web)
World Lit (Web)
Young Writer's Resource (Web)

Fall 2011 (Best of)

21st Century Books (Web)
Book Club (Web)
Distance Education (Web)
Indianapolis Japanese Literature Association (Web)
Interior Design Workshop (Web)
Learning to Knit a Simple Scarf
The Reference Outpost
Teams that Dream (Web)

Fall 2010 (Best of)

2011-2012 Young Hoosier Award Program by Shelly Smith (Web)
eBooks, eDucation, and eXcitement
by Melissa Harris (Web)
Home of the Classics
by Melissa Freed (Web)
Learning HTML and CSS
by Bradley Johnston (Web)
Museum Walk
by Zora Komanova (Web)
Origami for Beginners
by Heather Bowman (Web)
Wonderland of Christmas
by Gretchen Lee (Web)

Fall 2009 (Best of)

Adopting Retired Greyhounds in Indiana by Patti Kovach (Wiki, Wordi)
American Born Chinese
by Allison Boswinkle (Wiki)
Audiobiography by Jacob Moore (Ning)
Be Creative by Anne Hatke (Web, Word)
Cooking Group
by Lori Miller (Web)
Rome Quickies
by Tonya Murphy (Web, Overview)
SWTPL Homeschool Hub
by Karen Bower (Weebly, Word)
Beginning Dog Ownership
by Katie Schultz (Wiki, Word)
Second Grade Memories by Linda Elefheri (Wiki)
Strengthing Organizational Relations Using Facebook by Sherri Parker (Wiki, Word)

Fall 2008 (Best of)

CN Teacher Materials by Jennifer Brower
Early Literacy by Alisa Burch
GPL Literacy Kits by Rachel Korb
JPL Teens by Andrea Sowers
Librarians 2.0 by Kasia Young
Modern Book Report by Emily Hankley Berger
Saddle up and Read by Celia Bandelier
Sketch Diary by Rusty Heckaman
Tale of Despereaux
by Amy Pilarczyk
Travel Planning
by Lisa O'Brien
Tune into Podcasts
by Shaun Davidson
Virtually There
by Marijke Visser

Fall 2008
(Other Super Examples)
Beyond WebMD
by James Doane
Chocolate Wiki
by Natalie Baum
Experience Haiku
by Emily Marshall
Reduce My Impact
by Karl Stutzman

Fall 2007 (Best Of)

123 Blog by Travis Daily
Cloudy Wiki: Chance of Meatballs by Ty Munn
Create a Family Wiki Tree by Kathleen Pickens
Early Literacy Storytimes by Yvette Couser
Easy Animation by Annette Griessman
Ecosystems by Jill Shriner
How to Read a Wordless Book and Reading Wordless Books by Lisa Wynn
Humpback Whale WebQuest by Theresa Derickson
Little Prairie in the Big City and Prairie PPT by Suzanne Russell
Oh Mercy Me by Tammie Klage
Punctuation Study by Elizabeth Lecher
Read the Rosies by Michelle Houser

Fall 2007 (Other Super Examples)
Highway 50 Project by Leslie Sutherlin
Lakeland High School Media Center by Jennifer Abbott
Marion Public Library Teens by Amanda Spencer
Medieval Times by Julie Cook
Mid-century Modern Design by Sarah Eiler
Rosa Parks by Linda Share
RSS Feeds by Jason Boley

Fall 2006

American Revolution by Vivian Lawhead
Big Read (paper) by Bonnie McNair
*Creating a Science Fair in a Virtual World (Science Fair PP Starter, Example, Newsletter) by Ben Dickerson
*Discover the Space Shuttle (paper) by Kent Johnson
Engaging Creative Expressions by Jenelle Erickson
Foodie 101: Exploring the Diversity of Cuisine in Your Own Neighborhood (wiki, blog) by Meridith Hayden
Extra, Extra! Read All About It: Ancient Civilizations by Nancy Genatiempo
Gardening Across the US by Ellen Rempala
*Graphic Novels (Project Description) by Michael Moriconi
Holes (wiki, webquest, description) by Kelly Bordner
LibraryThing by Mitch Lawson
Literature Circles (Wiki) by Melodi Belei
*Madison Possible (Project Description) (betatester/t3sting) by Jerry Yarnetsky
Rosie Award by Beverly Riggen
*Senses and Seasons by Michele Linn
Trees and Branches by Jean Chelich

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