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learnersHigh tech learning refers to the constantly evolving hardware, software, and networking tools and resources available to those wishing to acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes, or values through formal instruction or free inquiry. Because of the virtual nature of these digital tools and resources, high tech learning can occur anywhere, anytime. Libraries, educational institutions, museums, and community organizations all play a role in faciliating this type of learning.

check means readRead Internet Use and Home Broadband Connections. People have access to Internet.

check means readSkim Public Library Funding & Technology Access Study from ALA. This study explores how technology is used in public libraries for 2011-2012.

check means readRead The Role of School Librarians in Promoting the Use of Educational Technologies from ISTE- Media Specialists SIG.

The Focus

From e-books and video to electronic databases and websites, many courses explore the high tech resources available to learners. However there's a big difference between providing access to resources and facilitating the learning process. This course explores the range of technology tools that learners can use to create the building blocks of a learning experience. The course also examines the many technology enhanced learning spaces that help learners explore ideas, collaborate with others, create projects, and share understandings.

While this course won't describe all of the high tech resources available to learners (see Electronic Materials for Children and Young Adults), it will explore the tools and learning spaces of the high tech learner as well as speculate on the future of emerging technologies.


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