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Librarian on the RoofAudioblogging and Podcasting

Audioblogging, podcasting, MP3 blogs, and audio sharing are ways to add sound content to the Web. Because sound files are simple to produce and deliver, audio sharing is great for teaching and learning.

checkRead Are We Recording? The Evolution of a Law Library Radio Show by Marcia Dority Baker. Think about how recorded audio could be use with other library types.

Listen to the podcast for the book Librarian on the Roof from Library Development and Librarian Live podcast. The book cover for the story is on the right.

checkdo itWatch Podcasting in Plain English from CommonCraft.

checktry itRead Podcasting in the School Library Media Center Part 1: Integrating Podcasts and Vodcasts into Teaching and Learning (PDF) and Podcasting in the School Library Media Center Part 2: Creating Powerful Podcasts with Your Students (PDF) by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson (PDF) by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson in Teacher Librarian (December 2006 and February 2007).

checkRead Podcasting 101 for K–12 Librarians by Esther Kreider Eash in Information Today.

try itGo to Learn out Loud. Choose a podcast and listen!

try itListen to a podcast interview with Dr. Brady Barr from National Geographic Channel by an honors biology class. How can you see audio interviews and podcasts being used in learning? Who could you interview for a podcast?

try itExplore the Emory Libraries Library Survival Guide audio episodes.

When audio files are incorporated into blogs, it's called audioblogging. These audio files may supplement text blogs or be primarily audio journals.

Podcast combines the words "iPod" and "broadcast" to create a word that describes sharing audio recordings through Internet rather than the airwaves. Using tools such as Audacity to record audio, developers upload the audio (generally MP3/MP4) to a website, then create audio links from a website. Owners of iPods and other digital audio players can download these recordings to their computers or handheld devices.

For those primarily sharing music, the term MP3 blog, musicblog, or audioblog is often used. However you can also just upload and link to music from your regular blog to add interest. For instance, listen to the handchimes at Allen County Public Library.

checkRead Podcasting Catches On from the Pew Internet & American Life Project (4/3/2005). This report states that more than 22 million American adults own iPods or MP3 players and 29% of them have downloaded podcasts from the Web.

Let's explore some examples to learn more about podcasting and also have an experience using a podcast for our own learning.

Watch the interview with teen podcaster Michael Fogelman.

checkListen to a podcast featuring Lois Lowry: Her Life and Work from Kankakee Public Library. Check out other podcasts at Kankakee Public Library Podcasts and Streaming Media.

Listen to a three part series on podcasting including EDUCAUSE Pocket Edition #1: Invasion of the iPods, EDUCAUSE Pocket Edition #3: Podcasting in the Classroom for an informal introduction to podcasting at the college level.

Are people reading downloading and listening to podcasts? Yes! Check out the research by reading Podcast Downloading 2008 by Mary Madden, Sydney Jones (Aug 28, 2008) from Pew Internet.

Audio and Podcasts in Learning

From poetry readings to language learning, there are many possibilities for audio blogging and podcasting in learning. Companies are jumping into the podcasting craze. For instance, SpanishPod is a system for Spanish language learning. Some systems such as Livemocha combine free and subscription offerings.

checkRead Podcasting from Digital Pencil for a brief introduction and great examples for school librarians.

checkRead Tell Me A Story by Kathy Ishizuka in School Library Journal (September 1, 2005). This article explores how a media specialist promotes reading through podcasts. Visit the Grandview Library Blog.

checkVisit iTunes U. Their goal is "to advance teaching, learning, and research through innovation, and engage and empower students." They system delivers educational content free through iTunes and can be downloaded to the iPod.

Go to the arrowAudio in Learning section of our website to explore effective uses of audio in teaching and learning.

Student Podcast Guidelines and Assessment

Explore the following examples of student podcast project guidelines and assessments:

Podcast Examples

try itGo to Library of Congress and explore their podcast options.

try itGo to Radio WillowWeb and explore audio sharing projects. Compare these experiences with at least three others from the examples below. Think about the goal of the activity and the role of the podcast in learning. Go to Education Podcast Network for more examples.

try itExplore iTunes U. This website links to the many K-12 and university podcasts available through iTunes.

try itExplore Teen Writing Contest Podcasts from Pierce County Library.

try itExplore Free Library of Philadelphia Podcasts.

Many communities are now involved with creating their own podcasts focusing on topics of local interest. Go to the Kansas Flint Hills page and scroll down to see a list of podcasts.

Many people are now sharing their podcasts on iTunes. Explore popular K-12 podcasts and higher education podcasts. Also, search for "public library" in iTunes. Some of these are older, but they still give you an idea for the possibilities.

Early Learning (PreK-3)

Podcasting By Young People

Communication, English, and Literature


Heath, Math & Science

Social Studies


Public Library

Academic and Special Libraries

Creating and Using Podcasts

checkRead Teens Podcasting @ Your Library from YALSA

checkWatch a group of elementary students from Room 208 discuss how to make a podcast (shown on the right).

Go to the arrowAudio Recording section of our website to explore the basics of audio recording.



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