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Webcasting, Vodcasting, and Vlogging

Webcasting, vlogging, videoblogging, and video sharing are all ways to share video-based content on the web. In most cases, those who share video encourage viewers to respond to their work by adding comments or providing suggestions.

Webcasting or Videocasting. Video recordings can be uploaded to the web and linked from blogs or other websites. These videos may be streamed or downloaded to computers or handheld video devices such as an iPod.

try itRather than storing the videos yourself, consider using a service such as YouTube. Go to the Allen County Public Library YouTube Channel for a great example.

Vlogging. Sometimes web-based videos are embedded as the main content of a blog. These are called vlogs.

Watch or scan Educators Videoblogs from the Vloggercon conference. You might also check other conference presentations from vloggercon.


Video Blogs in Learning

checkRead Getting Started with Vodcasting by Beth Carpenter.

Go to the arrowVideo in Learning section of our website to explore effective uses of video in teaching and learning.


Video Blog Examples

Some of these examples are dated, but they give you a good idea of the possibilities:


Elementary School

Middle and High School

College Level

Public Library


Video Directories

Go to the arrowVideo section of our website to learn about producing videos.


Learn More

Dedman, Jay, Kinberg, Josua, & Paul, Joshua (2006). Videoblogging.

Verdi, Michael (2006). Secrets of Video Blogging. Peachpit Press.

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