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woman at boardDigital learning spaces are virtual environments where learning materials are designed and organized by facilitators then accessed by students.

Many online tools such as course management systems provide places where digital learning spaces can be established. However teachers and librarians can use any type of collaborative or social technology that will meet their instructional needs. For instance, Diigo is an excellent tool for web highlighting, sticky notes, and social bookmarking. However when you add the forum function you can create a dynamic environment for learning. In the same way, the Ning tool is a social networking tools that can be adapted as a virtual learning space.

The key to an effective digital learning space is designing an environment where learners will feel comfortable learning. When designing effective, efficient, and appealing work spaces think about the support materials, templates, and starters that will facilitate the work of learners. The best example of this type of environment is the WebQuest. Although normally stored online, WebQuests can also be housed on individual computers or local networks. The key to a WebQuest is its inquiry-based approach to learning.

try itLearn more about WebQuests at WebQuest.org. Try using the QuestGarden. Also, explore the WebQuest page.

Many learning spaces don't involve connections to remote networks. Instead they required using the computer desktop, existing computer software, and possibly an external monitor or other devices. The key is designing workspaces for these environments to meet the needs of individual learners.

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