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Ancient Libraries: 700s BCE

Shiji Wikimedia Commons PDLet's explore changes in civilization around the world including the rise of scholars in China.

Think of the 700s BCE as the beginning of a shift in emphasis from earlier civilizations such as Egypt toward ancient Greece and Roman civilizations. The era of the ancient Greek Olympic Games began in 776 BCE. Considered the founder of Rome, Romulus becomes Rome's first king adopting the Etruscan alphabet during this time period.

Civilization was also changing in other parts of the world. The Eastern Zhou Dynasty began in China in 770 BCE. This is also the beginning of the Golden Age of Chinese Thought. Many different schools of thought emerged during this time.

Hundred Schools of Thought

Between 770 BCE and 221 BCE China experienced a wave of scholars, philosophers, and schools that brought cultural and intellectual expansion. While some of these programs and schools were formal, many were informal using itinerant scholars to spread their ideas.

The source of information for this period is called the Shiji or Records of the Grand Historian (first page from c. 100 BCE version show on right) by Sima Quian. He referred to Confucianism, Legalism, Taoism, Mohism, School of Ying-yan, and Logicians.

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