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Course Materials: Making Infographics

Infographics are a great way to convey complex ideas in a highly visual way.

An infographic is a graphic representation of information. It provides the "big picture" that might otherwise be difficult to understand by using visuals to quickly convey the key ideas.

Check out the infographic by Callie McCune on the WPA and Libraries in Indiana.

Learn to make an infographic with an infographic, learn about why infographics are important student projects, and learn about design of infographics and creating your own.

Ideas for creating infographics:

Examples. Let's explore a few examples to get you started thinking about how you could visualize library history.

Infographic Tools

A few tools are beginning to emerge for making infographics.


If you want to incorporate a map into an infographic, consider one of the following public domain options from Wikimedia Commons:

If you're looking for a particular time period, check out the Historical Atlas of the World for a map.

If you're looking for maps of the United States, check the Maps of the United States page.

Looking for something else? Try the Atlas of the World page. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find continents.

Still don't find what you need? Try OpenClipart: Maps.


Infographics often incorporate picture charts, icons, and other small images. Use OpenClipart to search for great public domain clipart for your project.


Many infographics contain pie, line, or bar charts. Use a tool like CreateAGraph to make a basic graph. You can export the image and paste it into your project.

Put It All Together

Once you've got the pieces of your project, like maps, clipart, and graphs, you just need to put it together. Any page-layout tool will work. Most professionals use a tool like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. You can download these tools for free as a student. Go to IUware.

Another option is to use the basic tools you already have such as Microsoft Publisher or Apple Pages. Be sure to save as a PDF.

Infographic Resources

Looking for more examples?

The Learning Network at the New York Times did a nice series on teaching with Infographics:

Explore lots of examples:

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