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Vanessa wants to be an artist. She's particularly interested in murals. She enjoys looking through books at the murals created by others. She often copies the visuals she finds in the book.

The school library media specialist notes Vanessa's interest and encourages her to join a group of children who are creating ceiling tiles representing their favorite book characters. She encourages Vanessa to write down the things she likes best about the murals she's seen such as the use of color, lines, shadows, and subjects. Then, apply these to her ceiling tile creation.

A couple years later, the school library media specialist begins work with the local historical society on a "founders" project. They are forming a group of sixth graders to create a mural for the City Hall depicting different time periods in local history. Although Vanessa is younger than the rest of the group, she is invited to join the group because of her ongoing interests.

Explore Ms. Anderson's involvement as an instructional specialist.

Explore how inviting evironments are used by student information scientists.

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As Vanessa grows, her interests in murals also evolve. For example, she becomes interested in the work of Diego Rivera. She applies what she's learned about investigating murals to learning about artists.



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