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teen with cameraThe Information Intern

Alano enjoys recording the world around him with a digital camera. He has an eye for visual work. He's also very interested in the role of photography in the media.

Mr. Washington asked Alano if he'd be interested in acting as an Information Intern. As an intern, Alano worked as a team on projects where teachers are the clients. For example, one project involved collaborating with a middle school teacher on the development of a WebQuest. Another project involved developing a full-color brochure for the a fire safety program.

At first most of his activities involved working as a team where he was the photographer. However as he gained confidence in his work, he began to take over some of the writing activities too.

Although Alano doesn't think of himself as a writer, his experience as an Information Intern has made him think about ways to combine his interest in combining the visual arts with writing. He's always been a fan of graphic novels. His creative writing teacher has agree to let him create a graphic novel as his final product.

His project turned out great and is now part of the young authors collection in the learning laboratory.

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