Literature Ladders

Get Started: Explore Themes and Projects

Why reinvent the wheel?

Teachers, media specialists, technology coordinators, and librarians around the world are sharing their ideas and projects on the Internet. Explore themes and projects that others have developed.

For instance, explore activities to go with the book Mercy Watson to the Resue by Kate DiCamillo.

Although you're unlikely to find exactly what you need, learn to adapt the materials you find. You might change the web links, reading level, grade level, or use of the materials. Turn a lesson idea into an interactive bulletin board or topic for a book club discussion. Use the quiz questions provided or photographs on the web page.

On this page, you'll find Starting Points, Thematic Resources and By Learners, For Learners Resources.

Literature Starting Points

There are some wonderful websites that highlight authors, explore themes, and focus on specific books. Use these as you explore the possibilities.

All Grades

Middle/High School Grades

Links to Literature Sites

Try It!
Adapt the resources you find. You might start with books containing fractured fairy tales. Then, adapt the resources at Scholastic's Fractured Fairy Tales.

Read and tell family stories using photos. For more ideas, go to Caldecott: Visual Storytelling for more ideas.

Thematic Starting Points

Consider using a theme or topic as the focus of your projects.

All Grade Levels

Primary Themes

K-5 Themes

By Learners, For Learners

ThinkQuest star means quality
This international project involves students in creating projects. Explore their list of projects based on Books, Authors, or Books and Literature.

Elementary-Middle School

Middle-High School

Try It!
Before choosing a book, website, or project, consider the goal, standard, or essential question you will be addressing. In other words:
What do you want your students to be able to do or talk about when they complete the unit?
What's the purpose of the activity or project.
What learning experience, not just a lesson, do I was to create?

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