Literature Ladders

Step 4: Identify Topics and Resources

Does your imagination run wild when you read a book?
Can you see snapshots of each character in your mind?
Can you describe the setting in detail including the sights, sounds, and smells?

Some readers become part of the time and place of a novel, while others have a hard time just comprehending the words on paper. Providing a reader with additional information such as a photograph from the time period represented in the book or a map of the book's location can help bring reading alive!

Scaffolding for Learning

Some students need scaffolding for their learning. In other words, they need guidance to help them connect ideas and comprehend what they are reading. Seek out materials that will help young people have successful reading experiences.

Locating Quality Resources

It's time to examine the notes you took while reading the book. Create a list of themes, key words, ideas, or elements that might be interesting to explore. Are there words that need to be defined? Do students need to know more about an social issue or historical event?

Go to Starting Points for Kids and try some of their suggested student search engines links.

Teacher Tap iconGo to Search Tools from Teacher Tap.
This page contains a variety of search tools to try.
Try a search for a topic you teach and add a narrowing word. For example, magnet lesson.

Teacher Tap icon Go to Search Strategies from Teacher Tap.
This page will help you narrow your search, identify good search terms, and make use of the materials you find.

Teacher Tap icon Go to Content Area Resources from Teacher Tap.
This page contains links some of best subject area websites.

Evaluating Resources

Just because a site matches the topic doesn't mean that the material should be used. Evaluate your resources carefully. Consider the readability of the site including the fonts used, reading level, and headings. Is the site easy to use? Does it have visual appeal?

Teacher Tap icon Go to Evaluating Internet Resources from Teacher Tap.
Explore lessons and resources related to evaluating web-based materials.

Use some of the following sources to evaluate websites:

Try It!
Identify Internet resources and other materials that help students better understand the books they are reading.

Go to Caldecott Books for lots of ideas such as Noah's Ark by Jerry Pinkney.

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