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Step 6: Implement and Evaluate

The last step is implementation and evaluation. As you implement the project, consider classroom management. In other words, who, will be doing what, when?

Think about developing small group reading teams that would work together on projects. This will make the best use of your limited technology resources. Then, ask groups to share their book and project with other class members.

eye means essentialRead Planning an English Unit: Assessment Against the Curriculum from English Online.

Explore each of the following three areas on this page: Student Materials, Student Assessment, and Evauate and Revise.

Student Materials

Students need quality resources and materials. Rather than simply providing verbal assignments or placing notes on the chalkboard, consider the development of web-based activities. These materials can be read and completed online or printed for use off-line.

go to teacher tapRead Creating Web-based Activities from Teacher Tap.

Student Assessment

Have students achieved the outcomes you identified? Be sure to use a variety of assessment tools that focus on both the reading and content aspects of the project.

Teacher Tap iconDesign effective student assessments. Go to Student Project Assessment from Teacher Tap for ideas.

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Evaluate and Revise

Evaluate the success of the activities. Be sure to collect evidence that can be used for future planning. What was effective? What needs to be changed? Revisit your mission as needed.

Most of all, enjoy!

Try It!
Give your project a try. For instance, read Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann. Then, use Inspiration or Kidspiration to make a concept map of safety tips.

100th Day of School

Human Rights & Japanese Internment Camps

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Eight Ways to Bring Back the Joy

1 - Take Flight. Read the graphic novel series Flight.

2 - Fun with Science. Ask older children to read the book Stiff by Mary Roach.

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