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Collaborative and Interactive Online Projects

Collaborative, online projects are one of the most exciting ways to motivate students. Get students involved with posting projects on the web, emailing other students or experts, discussing issues on a threaded discussion, or holding a online chat. There are thousands of projects to join from travel buddies to data collection projects.

eye means essentialRead Technology Integration Projects from Edutopia for examples of great web projects.

Collaborative online projects are a great way to motivate students and reach outside your classroom. Consider developing web pages that would allow students to share their ideas with other students around the globe. Your students could do book reviews, post reports, or share informational projects. You may even want to join a reading project.

eye means essentialRead Harnessing the Power of the Web. This guide will help you learn how to join and build collaborative, project-based learning activities on the Internet. Be sure to explore Finding Network Projects and Making Networked Projects.

Think of things that will get your students moving. Some activities may involve reading and sharing books. For example, visit LibraryThing and Book Crossing. This website is intended to help you share your love of books with the world. After reading a book, you leave it in a public place and encourage others to read it.

Are you "creatively-challenged" when it comes to developing interesting activities to link your books and information resources?

Online Project Resources

go to the teacher tap projectExamine the resources at the following Teacher Tap pages:

Locating Online Projects

As you explore the following sites, notice that the star means quality indicates an exceptional quality resource.

Collaborative Projects star means quality
Science projects for Fall, Spring, and ongoing.

Friends and Flags
Dedicated to cultural diversity and global collaboration.

Global Schoolhouse star means quality
Search for current projects or join a mailing list for opportunities. Also explore their partner programs.

Scholastic Online Activities star means quality
Contains a mixture of activity types including collaborative, online projects.

Mrs. Silverman's Webfolio star means quality
Great projects for primary grades and all levels such as Wright On, Frost Readers, Bunnyy Readers, Graph Goodies, and Student Created Document-based Questions.

TechnoSpud Projects
Great easy projects.

Teleprojects and Activities
Lists Co-nect's online projects.


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