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Theory to Practice:
Literacy Across the Curriculum for Today and Tomorrow

Traditionally, literacy has been associated with the ability to read words on paper including books, newspapers, and job applications. In the 1991 National Literacy Act, Congress defined literacy as "an individual's ability to read, write, and speak in English, and compute and solve problems at levels of proficiency necessary to function on the job and in society, to achieve one's goals, and develop one's knowledge and potential."

Explore the following resources on this page: Literacy Today and Tomorrow, Literacy Across the Curriculum, General Literacy Resources, and New Literacies Resources.

Literacy Today and Tomorrow

Today's literacy goes beyond paper to reading from computer screens and personal devices. New literacies include media, technology, information, and other critical literacies. Learn more about the new literacies in an article by Ladislaus Semali titled Defining New Literacies in Curricular Practice.

eye means essentialRead Schmar-Dobler, E. Reading on the Internet: The link between literacy and technology in Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy (2003, September, 47(1).

Read the off-site article Reading Comprehension on the Internet: Expanding Our Understanding of Reading Comprehension to Encompass New Literacies by Julie Coiro (Reading Online, 2003).

Some people think that literacy is about basic reading and writing skills, however literacy development continues through our lives.

eye means essentialRead Adolescent Literature and explore the importance of literacy-focused activities for adolescents.

Seek out tools and activities that will promote literacy.

Research in Literacy and Technology

A growing body of research is exploring the way students use technology in literacy lessons.

Read Children's Literacy Perceptions as They Authored with Hypermedia by Sandra K. Goetze in Meridian (Winter 2002) as an example of research in technology and literacy.

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Literacy Across the Curriculum

Regardless of your subject area interest, literacy is essential. Increasingly teachers are recognizing the importance of reading, writing, and technology across the curriculum.

eye means essentialRead Content Literacy and examine the importance of subject area literacy.

How would you encourage teachers outside the English department to incorporate literature into their classrooms?

eye means essentialRead Reading, Writing, and Technology: A Healthy Mix in the Social Studies Curriculum by Susan M. Tancock in Reading Online (2002, April, 5(8))

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General Literacy Resources

This section provides off-site links to general literacy and reading resources, literature websites, and technology resources.

Adolescent Literacy in the Content Areas
Resources for promoting adolescent literacy

America Reads: Guide to Literacy star mean quality
Resources from Bank Street related to literacy development.

Critical Reading - A Guide
This guide discusses critical reading needs.

Literacy Matters star mean quality
Explore reading and writing in the content areas. Explore adolescent literature and content literacy.

Online Books about Reading Strategies
Read online books about reading and literacy

Reading Online
Great online publication for related to new literacies.

Reading Programs that Work
This report from Milliken reviews reading programs from PK to grade 4.

SuperThinker from Enlighten Me
Focuses on literacy and thinking. Provides lots of materials for literacy, critical and creative thinking.

Websites with Links to Other Materials

Elementary Reading
Links and resources for elementary teachers and librarians

Literacy Links
Lots of links to literacy websites.

Literacy Resource Links
This off-site link takes you to links by Katherine L. Schlick Noe

To Read Resources
Links to literacy resources for language arts and reading.

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New Literacies Resources

New Literacies star mean quality
Articles from Reading Online

teacher tap logoTeacher Tap star mean quality
Explore issues related to technology integration through Teacher Tap.


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