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Literature-based WebQuests

Apples from the Desert (MIddle School). Based on a short story written by Savyon Liebrecht; an Israeli writer. You have been assigned to research and write a collaborative report comparing different kinds of families; traditional and modern.

An Inside Look at Greek Mythology! (Middle School).

Anne Frank... In Search of the Truth (Grades 6-8). You are an Investigative Reporter for YTN (Youth Television Network). You have been assigned the job of researching and writing a news story about holocaust survivals. Your arch rival says the diary is a hoax. You disagree and need evidence. Also check out Anne Frank: Reading Clinic.

Anthem: A Utopian Society by Ayn Rand (Grade 8). In your role the scientist, the philosopher, the historian, or the human rights activist, create the Utopian Society that Prometheus and Gaea might have envisioned.

Author's Hot Seat (Grades 6-8). Learn about an author, then sit in the author's hot seat and answer questions from the audience.

Back in Time: An Historical Fiction WebQuest (Grades 6-8).

Biography (Grades 6-8). Read and write biographies.

The Breadwinner: The Secret Magazine Of Afghanistan (Grades 5-8). submit an article for Parvana’s mother to use in her secret magazine.

Bronze Bow (Grades 6-8). Learn about the history of the story give advice to the main characters on how best to progress in their own fight for justice.

Call of the Wild (Grades 6-8). Evaluate and investigate the realism and the reasons behind the story presented in Call of the Wild, by Jack London.

Catherine Called Birdy by Karen Cushman (Grades 6-8). Study the time period (dwellings, heraldry, food & feasts, herbs & medicines), then present information at a festival with costumes.

The Clay Marble (Middle School). Students research the Cambodian people, their customs, living conditions, family struggles and political upheaval of the time.

The Devil's Loose in Salem (Grades 6-8). Based on The Crucible

Ding Dong: The Witch is Dead (Grades 6-8). You are part of a team of historical or literary figures (from many different pieces of literature), brought together in time, to provide your unique perspective, experience and/or knowledge about the Salem witch hysteria of 1692.

The Door in the Wall (Grades 6-8). Find out how the lead character became a knight through a series of activities and questions. Students read in literature circles.

Dragonwings (Grades 6-8). Create a newspaper based on the events of the time period

Edgar Allan Poe: Father of Horror (Grades 6-8). Read and explore Poe.

The Fantasy of Roald Dahl (Grades 6-8). Analyze and evaluate the information you have discovered through the novel.

Fractured Fairy Tales & Silly Nonsense (Grades 6-8). Students create their very own fractured fairy tale based on any fairy tale of their choosing.

Franz Kafka and his Metamorphosis (Grades 6-8). Research into the life of author, Franz Kafka

Gangs throughout Literature (Grades 6-8). Explore the role of gang, team, and group violence in literature.

Golden Goblet (Grades 6-8) Design a burial ceremony.

Greek Mythology Tabloid (Grades 6-8). Also, check out Greek Mythology: A Journey Back in Time

Hatchet The Rescue (Grades 6-8). Create a Search and Rescue Plan and attempt to rescue Brian Robeson.

Having Our Say, The Delany Sisters' First 100 Years "Sweet" Sadie and "Queen": Bessie's Story: (Grades 6-8). After reading Having Our Say, connect important issues of the last 100 years with the ones of today.

Hercules and His 12 Labors VS. Brent and His Whirligigs (Grades 6-8). Research Hercules and the 12 labors he was required to complete to cleanse himself of his crime. You will then analyze the myth based on its connection to the novel Whirligig, by Paul Fleischman, by demonstrating your understanding in a parallel journal format.

Into Thin Air (Grades 6-8). You are part of a team consisting of an Environmentalist, Adventurist and Biologist. You have been commissioned to look into the events that led up to the tragedy on May 10, 1996 and come up with strategies that would possibly prevent such a tragedy in the future.

Is a Word Dead When It is Said? (Middle School). Explore poetry.

Johnny Tremain (Grades 6-8). Compare historical accounts with the book.

Letter's From Rifka by Karen Hesse (Grades 6-8). Teacher-centered lesson (not really a webquest) with specific activities for specific pages.

Light in the Forest (Grades 6-8). Assume the role of a characters and "adopt" your choice of one of the captives.

Mark Twain's New Obituary (Grades 6-8).

Maroo and the Winter Caves by Ann Turnbull (Grades 6-8). Depict the history of your clan on the walls of the cave to help preserve it for future generations of the clan.

Maroo, Dar, and Early Man (Grades 6-8). Read Maroo of the Winter Caves by Ann Turnball, or Dar and the Spear-Thrower by Marjorie Cowley then compare cultural, economic,and survival activities with factual information.

Most Dangerous Video Game: A Short Story WebQuest (Grades 6-8). Read short stories. Your group will create a video game proposal that you will present to the executives in charge of the Educational Game Expo.

My Brother Sam is Dead (Grades 6-8). Read the book and create a time capsule for the characters in the story.

Mythology Quest (Grade 7). Mighty Zeus has chosen you to learn the true myths of the Greek and Roman people. You will explore the world of mythology and must then recount these truths to your fellow classmates.

Nonfiction Rules! (Grades 6-8). Read nonfiction online and create a newsletter.

Number the Stars by Lois Lowry (Grades 6-8). Web-enhanced activities for specific chapters of the book.

Outsiders: Teens & Life Choices (Grades 6-8). The feud between the Greasers and Socs must end! You have been selected to represent either the Socs or the Greasers at a summer camp. Help these gangs from The Outsiders to resolve their differences and develop a plan for the future.

The Perfect Society (Grades 6-8). Based on The Giver by Lois Lowry. Invent the perfect community. Others: The Giver, WebQuest for The Giver, A WebQuest on Lois Lowry and The Giver, Give Jonas a New Home.

Poets and Poetry (Middle School).

Poetry and the Planets (Middle School).

Poetry Quest (Middle School). Create an informative booklet titled "Guide to Poetry"Pigman by Paul Zindel (Grades 6-8). Write two chapters, written in the style presented in The Pigman by Paul Zindel, related to research and online discussions you both have with a person of another generation.

Read A Good Book? (Grades 6-8). Read book reviews. Read a book and compare your critique with the online reviews.

The Real Stuff: Realistic Fiction (Grades 6-8). Read realistic fiction. Your job will be to read realistic books and select settings, characters, and events to research. Then answer the big question. Are the situations in the book "real" in light of your research?

Retelling the Classic Tales (Middle School). Turn a fairy tale into a play.

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (Grades 6-8). You will research social and historical aspects of the era for which Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry was written, then compare these facts to the information you noted from the book. Also, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.

Selling to Spinelli (Grades 6-8). Your job is to develop characters, a setting, and a storyline, and then to convince Jerry Spinelli why he is the best author to put all these together in his unique way.

Silent Spring DDT: To ban or not to ban (Grades 6-8). You are part of a United Nations Task Force (Ecologist, Environmental Chemist, Political Scientist / Historian) that must decide whether or not to persuade other countries to join in on the ban of DDT.

Thumbs Up: Book Critics (Grades 6-8). Read book reviews. You have been hired by a television show to review books for young adults.

To Kill a Mockingbird (Grades 6-8) (Another To Kill a Mockingbird WebQuest, Growing Up in the 1930s). Activities related to the novel.

Tuck Everlasting: The Value of Life (Middle School). Explore the main characters and their perspectives.

Where the Red Fern Grow (Grades 6-8). Groups explore like then and now.

Whirligig - Researching Alcohol as a Social Issue (Grades 6-8). Create a public service announcement which incorporates the information found by each individual student.

Who writes the books that make the whole world read? (Grade 6). Explore authors and illustrators.

Wrath, Rage, and Romance (Grade 6-8). Students create an advertising campaign for a product that they have created. The catch is: the product and the campaign have to be related to Greek Mythology.

Other English and Language Arts Topics

Ad Campaign (Middle School)

A Moment in Time (Middle School)

And Now a Word from Our Sponsor: WebQuest on Propaganda for Grade 8

Are You a Thief? WebQuest About Plagiarism (Middle School)

Avoiding the Black Oil Known as Plagiarism (Middle School)

Awesome Comics (Middle School)

Biographical Research Report WebQuest (Middle School)

Biome Advertising Team (Middle School)

Chron/Temp: A Root Word WebQuest (Middle School)

Copycat WebQuest (Middle School).

Dear Professor Blem. S. Olving (Middle School). Focuses on problem solving and letter writing.

Eat at Joe's: A Deliciously Satisfying WebQuest for Using Adjectives and Adverbs (Middle School). Create a proposal to change the image of Joe's Diner.

In Defense of Rap (Middle School).

Investigative Reporter (Middle School)

Move Over JK (Middle School). Write short stories.

Plagiarism--How to cite online sources (Middle School).

Publish with Po-Etree, Inc. (Middle School). Write poetry.

Radio Days (Middle School). Create a radio show.

Reader's Theatre WebQuest (Middle School). Your group will select one of Arnold Lobel's Fables and then work together to write a Reader's Theater script, based on the story.

Simile Safari! (Middle School).

The Student Chronicles (Middle School). Writing a student newspaper.

The Truth ... and Nothing but the TRUTH! (Middle School).

Who Should Own the Bones? (Middle School). You will read 2 scenarios. Your job is to read the 2 differing opinions, academic paleontologist versus commercial paleontologist, and then study 2 other cases. Decide which opinion you agree with most and write a letter to the newspaper editor supporting your opinion.

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