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Grandfather's JourneyGrandfather's Journey

Author: Allen Say
Illustrator: Allen Say
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company
Date: 1993
Awards: ALA Notable Book, Caldecott Medal (1994),
Ages: 4-10
Topics: picture book, nonfiction, grandfathers, voyages & travels, homesickness, Japan, United States, Japanese-Americans, immigration, immigrant experience
Summary: This is the story of a Japanese immigrant's journey to America. Allen Say's (author) grandfather came to this country as a young man. The grandfather traveled all over America and saw the mountains, prairies, deserts, and cities. But, he settled in California because he liked it the best. California had mountains, sun, and a seacoast which reminded him of his home in Japan. He returned to Japan to marry and then brought his bride to California. They had a daughter, but then Grandfather became homesick for Japan and his family moved back to Japan. He loves being with his friends in Japan. He loved both countries all the rest of his life. His daughter married and had a son (Allen Say). After Allen grows up he decides to come see all the beautiful things in America his grandfather had loved and talked about. Allen stays in California but never forgets his homeland. The story is told as Say remembers his grandfather's life and his own coming to America.

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