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This website was established to help learners and their teachers locate quality resources to extend the reading experience. Since the 1970s, we've been connecting literature to technology resources for courses, presentations, workshops, and consulting activities.

In the last decade, we've expanded these connections to include Internet resources. Recently, we decided to do some updated and create a central location for book information and extensions. As we continue to build materials for our website, we plan to house permanent resources in this section. Other areas are listed below:

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Using this Site

At the bottom of many of the book pages, you'll find buttons that link to specific resources at Amazon, LibraryThing, and Google Books. These are intended to provide a quick reference for additional information about the people and books. Also notice the link to Thinkfinity that you can use to find additional ideas for teaching and learning.

People often ask about copyright issues related to book covers. I've been using the guidelines also followed by Wikipedia. Here's a couple examples: Rapunzel and Hondo & Fabian.

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