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Shooting WarShooting War

Author: Anthony Lappe
Illustrator: Dan Goldman
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Date: 2007
Ages: 17+
Advisory: Parental Advisory for Strong Language & Content
Topics: graphic novel, comic, fiction, satire, dystopia, near future, journalism, blogging, media
Summary: Videoblogger Jimmy Burns finds himself in the middle of the war in Iraq.
Review: Written as a commentary on the present and future of journalism, this near-future graphic novel explores a videoblogger's experiences in Iraq. The book began as a webcomic. It's interesting to compare the web-based version with the print version. Both combine some interesting visual elements combining ink drawings with digital photographs and other images. Intended for mature readers (ages 16+), the comic format is filled with violence and profanity to make its point.

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Teaching and Learning Connections

The Media. Write your own commentary on the state of today's media.

Webcomics. The book began as a webcomic. Compare the webcomic to the book.

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