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S557: Marketing for Libraries
Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis
SOIC - Dept of Library and Information Science

Instructor Information
Name - Annette Lamb, Ph.D.
Address - PO Box 206 Teasdale UT 84773 (I often travel during the semester)
Email -
Phone - I'm happy to speak with you on the phone. Please email me directly for my phone number
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Course Description

This three-credit hour graduate course focuses on the application of marketing concepts, techniques, and technologies for all library types. Emphasis is on matching library customers with services through information, education, persuasion, and partnerships. Topics include planning, audience analysis, needs assessment, market analysis, goal-setting, message design, public relations, publicity, promotion, advocacy, assessment and evaluation, internal and external communication, and change theory.

This course stresses traditional, evidence-based approaches to marketing, along with forward-thinking tools and technologies to reach today’s digital audience. While brochures, banners, and bookmarks may be still be useful in some situations, skills in developing online visibility and customer niches are essential in today’s customer-driven library.

This course will showcase innovative library marketing. Through marketing campaigns and case studies, students will explore effective, efficient, and appealing approaches that work.
This course will not teach skills related to selection and use of evaluation tools, philanthropy, grant writing, funding, or topics stressed in other courses.

Finally, this course will expand your thinking about the essential role of marketing in a comprehensive academic, school, public, and/or special library setting. It will be taught entirely online including web-based readings and resources, threaded discussions, plus online presentations and activities.

Choices allow graduate students with varied backgrounds and interests to select activities that meet their professional needs.

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