'Fulltimer' is a term that is debated by some; that is they debate over what constitutes being a fulltimer. For us, our only home is Harvey . . . the motorhome.
But we feel anyone is a 'fulltimer' if they consider the 'portable homestead' as being their main home. We will leave the finer details, arguments, and judgments to others. Anyway if you are a fulltimer, wish to be a fulltimer, or are just interested in learning more about full-timing . . . here are a few resources that we have found helpful.
Photograph: Cactus in bloom at Chaco Canyon National Historic Park.
Fulltiming Information 
Escapees RV Club
Escapees RV Club provides a total support network for RVers, including the full-time RVing lifestyle. This site has information about the RV club and its many services and benefits, such as RV parks, magazine, rallies, educational seminars, and mail and message services. Escapees also provides information related to motorhomes, travel trailers, and other items of interest to RVers.
Families on the Road
This website provides resources for families who RV fulltime or for extended periods with their children, or are contemplating such an adventure.
Related Website:
2) RVing With Kids by Bonnie Tompkins http://rvnetwork.com/members/kids/
Fulltiming America
This website is maintained by Mike Hinkle and Cindy Michaels who roam the interstate highways and the back roads, has information and links on RVing and fulltiming.
Full-Time RVing Forum
This is a site-administered forum bulletin board service for those interested in fulltime RVing.
Full Time RV'ing
A sober, frank view of a full-time RV lifestyle from the perspective of a couple who tried it and found that it did not work out! Everyone contemplating fulltiming should visit here.
Other Personal Viewpoints on Fulltiming:
2) Full Time RVing (Bob and Fumi's oddyssey) http://www.bobnfumi.com/fulltime.html
3) Full-Time RVing with Frieda & Norm Wyner http://members.aol.com/normfromfl/index.htm
4) Full Time RVing http://www.gnt.net/~w8jm/gypsy.html
5) Home Is Where We Park Our House by Fran Crawford & Steven Fletcher http://www.homeiswhereweparkourhouse.com/index.html
6) Mark's Fulltime RV Adventure http://bart.ccis.com/home/mnemeth/
Movin' On
Because of their book, newsletter and all of their travels, full-time RV Bon and Barb Hofmeister have lots to share.
Similar Website:
2) Extended RVing, the Mobile Lifestyle http://www.concentric.net/~Lmchaney/
Postcards From Amercia
This is a great website by Priscilla Sarsfield and Ken Mahlenkamp, who are adventuring all over North America in their fifth wheel - - 'Harvey' - hey I thought that was original with us (8-). At their website they create postcards that descibe where they have been and what they have learned plus (great Geography resource for teachers), a Governor;s page for all fifty states, travel tips, FAQs, and more.
RoadTrip America®
This website is dedicated to the philosophy that life's a journey, and since getting there is all the fun, you might as well be taking the scenic route.
RV Lifestyle by Donna Yeaw at Suite101
Here you find articles, links, and threaded discussions related to RVing and fulltiming.
RV Resources: Fulltiming Lifestyle at About.com
This is a great links-site that is maintained and updated by a camping expert.
Winfield's Page
Sterling Winfield's website has some good infomation links, his directory to campsites with instant phone service, and a not-to-be-missed section called 'Gentle Adventures.'
Workamper® News on the Web
This is America's guide to working-while-camping. The website is dedicated to providing Workampers and 'Workamper wannabes' with the most up-to-date information available about this unique lifestyle.
Related Website:
2) Seasonal Employment http://www.SeasonalEmployment.com/index.htm
Workers on Wheels
This website is another resource for enjoying the enterprising and economical lifestyle of full-time RVing while still earning a living.
Created by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 6/00
Updated, 8/00
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