Phoenix, Arizona
Canyon Vistas RV Resort
We spent three months in Gold Canyon, Arizona east of Phoenix. We found a nice, new resort called Canyon Vistas RV Resort complete with pool and ping pong tables, fitness room, pool, and even shuffleboard. We played lots of ping pong until Larry twisted his back "diving" for a ping pong ball.
We experienced every type of weather including "thunder sleet." Thankfully, the sleet only lasted a couple hours.


Christmas Celebrations
We had lots of company for Christmas and New Years. Annette's parents and siblings arrived at Christmas. Blake, Brooke, and her boyfriend Shawn arrived a few days before New Years. Rather than shoving a dozen people in the RV, we were happy to find hotel rooms in the area. Other than a couple get togethers in the motorhome, most of the holidays were spent exploring the area.
Apache Trail
Annette, Larry, Brooke, and Blake took a day trip out to the Superstition Mountains and Tonto National Monument. We headed out of Apache Junction on the Apache Trail Circle Route and stopped at the ghost town (tourist trap) of Goldfield. After a stop at the bakery, we headed into the Superstition Mountains on highway 88. We stopped for some hiking along the side of the road near a cave and bridge. The road became more interesting with each mile as the mountains got bigger and the gravel road got smaller. We stopped at Tortilla Flat for lunch.

Tonto National Monument
Our next stop was Tonto National Monument. The well-preserved cliff dwellings were occupied from the 13th through the 15th centuries. After the hike up the mountain to see the cliff dwellings, we enjoyed the scenery as we came back down the mountain. Visitors can make reservations to see additional ruins, but it was time to head down the road. We'll have to save that for another time.
The trip home along highway 88, then 60 was pretty quiet. Everyone was tired from a long day.

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum
Having visited the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum the previous year (see Year 1: Desert Museum Trip), we knew the kids would enjoy the trip. Annette had to fly to Georgia for a business trip, but Larry, Brooke, Shawn, Blake, Arrion, and Ben all drove to Tucson for a day at the Desert Museum. They enjoyed the Harris Hawk show along with all the other plants and animals.
Along with all the day trips, people found time for movies, shopping, pool, and ping pong. Overall it was a great winter vacation for everyone.

Created by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 7/01.
Updated 5/02.
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