Pony Express
Exploring the Pony Express
We dropped off the RV to have the rear grill replaced, so we had the day to explore. After stopping at the Barnes and Noble to check out the books on the area, we decided to explore the Pony Express route. The Pony Express route is a National Historic Trail.

We headed south and west out of town. Our first stop was a small town with an Inn and pony express stop. Unfortunately the museum was closed but we got a nice picture of a couple horses and a wagon. We read that the pony express had stops every 10 miles or so. We headed west looking for the stops. Most were marked by a sign or marker. Some even had remnants of a house or stop. After a few stops we looked at our gas gauge and decided to make a slight detour for gas. The small station/cafe had a greasy spoon smell, but a nice brochure and map of the pony express trail. We headed back to the trail. We stopped at the markers and decided that we definitely needed to come back for some rock hounding and hiking.

As we moved west we could occasionally see the original historic pony express and overland stage trail. The picture on the left shows the ruts that are still visible. Many of the areas are covered with beautiful wildflowers.
The road became less traveled to the point where we saw very few other people. We noticed some horses off to the south and realized that we hadn't seen a fence in miles. These were wild horses. The small herd of mustangs were a ways off the road, so we decided to take a hike. We tried to stay down wind, so they couldn't smell us. The herd was led by a large stallion. There were also a few colts. The black stallion stayed between us and the herd, but didn't seem to mind us being nearby. The shaggy mane, dirty back, and scarred legs made it clear that these were wild horses. When you see old movies, you generally see these beautiful, clean "wild horses" that aren't wild at all. The real ones are beautiful, but not nearly as well-groomed.

We continued down the road and realized that the time was passing quickly. We decided to stop at the restored station, then head back. The building was sitting many miles away from civilization. Someday we'll have to follow the Pony Express route from beginning to end.

Larry got so interested in the Pony Express and the wild horses that he made separate pages for each. Check them out!

Created by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 7/01.
Updated 5/02.
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