After exploring New Zealand in a 20 foot campervan, we started discussing the possibility of a full-timer lifestyle.
We began to seriously look at different lengths and models of Class As in the spring of 1998. We visited the Holiday Rambler plant in northern Indiana on Easter weekend and made our decision.
We ordered our 38 foot Holiday Rambler Diesel Endeavor August 24, 1998.

Our motorhome arrived the week before Christmas. Just in time for a trip to Texas to visit family.

After fixing a couple small problems such as a leaky hose and setting up the hitch for towing, we were on our way.

We were told to expect to find some little things that would need to be adjusted after the first big trip. We were surprised how few problems we encountered as first-timers.

Most of our problems were due to "duhhhs" on our part. For example, to hook up to cable TV, you need a cable.

It's now T-Minus 3 Months and counting...

Our motorhome sits in our driveway waiting for the adventure to begin. As soon as the semester is over and we've sold our house, we'll be off exploring.

Created by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 1/99.
Updated, 2/99.
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