Larry Johnson and Annette Lamb share a love of adventure. When they married in 1995, they decided to spend their new life together exploring the world. After spending five years in a cute little log home in the rolling hills of southern Indiana, they were ready to "take off" for good. Annette was ready for a change after nearly fifteen years as a college professor. With thirty years in K-12 and higher education, Larry was ready to focus on his own learning. Like many "baby boomers," they weren't interested in traditional retirement, but were ready for a change.
They spent a few years exploring the possibilities, buying Motorhome and Highways magazines, and reading books about full-timing. Trips to RV shows, explorations of Class A floorplans, and walks through campgrounds gave them lots of ideas. They joined the Escapees RV full-timers group and talked to full-timers about their experiences. Based on their informal research, they were ready to "do it."
Unfortunately, Larry and Annette didn't win the lottery or inherit tons of money, so their first order of business was making money on the road. In 1995, they began a publishing business called Vision to Action that brings in a small income. In addition, Annette and Larry have formed a company called Lamb Learning Group that provides professional development services including presentations and workshops for educators. Between the two businesses and a small nest egg, they hope to stay on the road for five, ten, fifteen, or more years.
Their friends and family have been supportive. Their three children (Brooke, Blake, and Ben) are nearly grown and beginning their own lives, while their parents and siblings are waiting to see how it goes. Maybe some of them will also become full-timers someday.
The Mobile Mavericks began as a public service for people interested in learning about "life on the road". Annette and Larry plan to write articles and publish books on the RV lifestyle.
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Created by Annette Lamb, 2/99.