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Sarah, Plain and Tall
Patricia MacLachlan
Medal - 1986




frontier life, pioneer life, ocean, prairie, Kansas, mail-order brides, Maine, seashore, stepmothers, wildflowers


Caleb and Anna's mother has died. Their father has found a mail-order bride who will travel from Maine and decide whether to live with the family on the prairie. Sarah tells the children all about living near the Ocean on the east coast. At the end of a month she will decide if she will stay and marry the children's father. Sarah has much to learn about pioneer life on the prairie.

Classroom Connections:

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Patricia MacLachlan (1938- )
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Connecting Students
Webquest - grade 4
Life as a Pioneer Webquest
Geography & Math Connection. Draw a map showing the route that Sarah may have taken from Maine to Kansas. Calculate the distance. How long would it take to do the same trip today in a car or an airplane? How much would it cost? 
Cool Classroom Connections
Prairie Life. Compare and contrast life in Kansas with life in Maine. Pretend that you live in Kansas or Maine. Write a persuasive letter trying to convince someone to come and visit. Compare life on a farm during Sarah's time with life on the farm today.
Photos of Early Kansas History
Pioneer Life
Kansas Collection
Kansas Farms
Oceans. Sarah thought a lot about the sea coast. Draw or paint a picture in Kidpix that Sarah could put on her wall to remind her of the sea. Include pictures from the sea coast as Sarah described it. Write a poem to go with your picture.
Things to Do With Shells & Snails
World Wide Shells
Prairie Wildflowers. Make a list of all the flowers mentioned in the book. Write a description of each flower. Use the Native Wildflowers site to find information on the Prairie Violet, Prairie Wild Rose, Purple Prairie Clover, Daisy, Ragwort, and Sunflower.
Native Wildflowers of ND
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