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Number the Stars

Lois Lowry
Honor - 1990




courage, Denmark, friendship, Holocaust, humanity, Jews, loyalty, World War II, 1939-1945


Set in Denmark during the Nazi occupation, this story explores a lesser known aspect of World War II. The Johansen family, including ten-year-old Anne Marie, take over the care of her Jewish friend, Ellen Rosen. The Rosens are in danger and hope Ellen can pass as a member of the Johansen family until passage can be arranged for all of the Rosens to leave Denmark and go safely to Sweden. Anne Marie shows courage and determination in helping her friend.

Classroom Connections:

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Author and Book Connections
Lois Lowry (1937- )
Book Information
Author Connection. Lois Lowry wrote another book set in the same time period called Autumn Street that depicts life on the home front in Philadelphia during World War II. Compare the two books.
Cool Classroom Connections
Danish Culture. Learn more about Danish culture and landmarks in Denmark.
World War II. Compare maps of pre-war and post-war World War II. Learn about the Jews of Denmark. Trace the movement of Jews out of Denmark.
Jews. Find out more about the Star of David. What are some of the Jewish customs?
Anne Frank. Watch a video or read the book on Anne Frank and compare the two stories of the same time period. Visit the Anne Frank house. Draw a picture of where the Johansen family lives.
Holocaust. Learn about the Holocaust. Read the testimonials of the people who lived through the holocaust. Why do you think it's important to remember this sad period of history?
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