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Eleanor Roosevelt :
A Life of Discovery
Russell Freedman
Honor - 1994




equal rights, first ladies, human rights, humanitarianism, United Nations, women's studies


This book tells the life story of social activist, humanitarian, and crusader for human rights, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt who was known as the First Lady of the World. She was the wife of the United States President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the niece of another, Theodore Roosevelt. She was raised by her maternal grandmother after the premature death of her parents. Her life was devoted to helping others, whether as a teacher, an advocate for equal rights, or serving on governmental Commissions. In addition to being a very active First Lady while her husband was President, she continued her active public life after his death, serving as a Delegate to the United Nations and as Chairman of the Human Rights Commission and the Commission on the Status of Women.

Classroom Connections:

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Author and Book Connections
Russell Freedman (1929- )
Book Connections. Read other biographies by Russell Freedman including the Wright Brothers and Abraham Lincoln. If you could ask Russell Freedman to write another book, which famous person would you choose for the topic? Why? Write an outline of the book to get Freedman started.
Photographs. Freedman's books are full of wonderful photographs. Choose one of the photographs and write about what might have happened the day that the picture was taken. Use American Memories to find a picture that reflects the time period when Roosevelt was alive.
Cool Classroom Connections

Letters. Go to the Dear Mrs. Roosevelt site. Read letters that children wrote to Roosevelt. What would you write in a letter to the first lady?

United Nations. Explore the United Nations Human Rights Commission. Describe the work of the Commission. Do you think it's important? Why or why not? Learn more about human rights at CyberSchoolBus.
Eleanor Roosevelt. In the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum, the nation's first Presidential Library, two wings are dedicated to the memory of Eleanor Roosevelt. What would you put in a museum for Eleanor Roosevelt?
Women. What is the purpose of the Commission on the Status of Women? Hold a debate discussing why it is or is not important.
First Ladies. Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the most popular first ladies. Select another first lady. Compare and contrast the two people and their roles as first lady. Create a trading card for your first lady.
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