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Course Materials: Blogs

This page lists the class blogs for quick reference.


Marissa Fletcher
Jane Gibson
Richard Joya De Torre
Katrina Pieri
Laura Polak
Evie Randolph

Joe Lutholtz
Becca Thiele
Brittany Vanzo
Jayne Walters
Erin Willoughby



Emily Bedwell
Tara Carlisle
Rob Carpenter
Suzanne Chomel
Kate Gibson

Elysia Gipson
Melinda Jackson
Tamira Kimbley
Cristi McGill
Ashley Miller
Toya Miller

Melissa Nowak
Alayna Pierce
Mary Shafer
Ally Ferber Watson
Chris Wikle
Brandi Young


Sheila Bigelow
Jackie Bush
Chaise Carter
Alyssa Childs
Stephanie Croaning
Cynthia Harter
Heidi Herald
Jaime Hillegonds
Jenny Miller
Michal Miller
Whitney Nesmith
Shannon O'Donnell
Shelby Phelps
Leigh Ann Scarbrough
Deirdre Schirmer
Taryn Schneider
Dawn Stump
Felecia Tate
Kayla Taylor
Ashley Urquhart
Lindsay Walters
Jenny Yergin
Paige Yoder


Explore the blogs from Fall 2013 if you wish. However, keep in mind that the assignment has been modified so the requirements and points are not the same. Also, any comments made on these DO NOT count for this semester. Please comment on your current classmates.

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