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Course Materials: Calendar

Examine the schedule below. The first column contains dates. The second column contains activities you should work on during the week indicated by the date. The third column showns specific assignments that are due on the date indicated in the first column.

Note on Due Dates: All assignments are due by MIDNIGHT on the dates listed. 
One advantage of this type of course is flexibility. However based on my experiences teaching online, it's important to establish due dates. The due dates are provided to ensure that all students are successful in this course. Please let me know if you need to change these dates because of personal or professional responsibilities. Deductions will be made for late work unless prior arrangements have been made.

Fall 2016

Suggested Activities
Assignments Due
Mon Aug 22
Get an IUPUI network account to use Canvas
Explore course materials
Explore Canvas and set up Profile.
Introduce yourself activity.
Aug 22

Info Reading and Video

Canvas Profile
Introduce Yourself Due
(Introduce Yourself area
of Canvas Forums)
Aug 29

Collection Development and Video

LitBit 1 Due
Sept 6
Guidelines & Standards LitBit 1 Reply Due
BookBlog URL Shared in Canvas
BookBlog Entry 1 Due
Sept 12
No Readings Read & Discuss 1 Suggest
Sept 19
Emergent & Novice Readers and Video LitBit 2 Due
Sept 26
Reluctant Readers and Video LitBit 2 Reply Due
BookBlog Entry 2 Due
Oct 3
Graphic Nonfiction and Video LitBit 3 Due
Oct 10
Literary Nonfiction and Video
Humanities Collections and Video
LitBit 3 Reply Due
BookBlog Entry 3 Due
Oct 19
History & Geography Collections and Video LitBit 4 Due
Read & Discuss 2 Suggest
Oct 24
STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Video LitBit 4 Reply Due
BookBlog Entry 4 Due
Oct 31
Pairings & Clusters and Video BookBlog Entry 5 Due
Nov 7
Series & Reference and Video LitBit 5 Due

Nov 14
Innovative Approaches & Formats and Video LitBit 5 Reply Due
Read & Discuss Actual Due
Nov 21
Connecting with Youth and Video BookBlog Entry 6 Due

Nov 28
Technology Connections and Video
LitBit 6 Due
BookBlog 7 & Reflection Due
Dec 5

LitBit 6 Reply Due
LitBit 7 Due

Dec 9
Last Day of E-Class
LitBit 7 Reply Due
Procrastinator's Last Day
Dec 12
Remember to complete Course Evaluation Course Evaluation Due
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