Problems Strike Eduscapes 

When you learn, teach. When you get, give. - Maya Angelou

Over the past few years, we've built and expanded our website. The quote above reflects our philosophy of learning, teaching, and sharing. Unfortunately it's not always easy to find ways to share everything we've learned. Our major problem has not been with content, but with the Internet. Over the past several years, we've gone through four service providers.

We started with a small service provider in Evansville Indiana. As they went out of business, they sold their servers to a company that moved files around the US and Canada. It took several days to find the remains of the company and get back online. Our second provider was located in Florida. They disappeared also and we were moved to a company in the Carolinas. Things seemed to be going well with our new provider until the recent global spam problem.

A group called SPEWS.ORG has developed an automated system for listing IPs of spammers and the ISPs who house spammers. The large bandwidth providers are cutting off service to providers who sell space to these spammers. Unfortunately, rather than just shutting off the spammer, they shut down the entire "IP string" that is causing the problem. Our last service provider was put out of business as a result of this problem. Our new service provider, ZeroSetup is a large national group. They were also hit, but were able to get us back online. Unfortunately, it took three weeks to make this transition.

We hope this will never happen again, but unfortunately, these problems are beyond our control. With over a million hits per month, it's expensive to maintain the website. It would be impossible for us to purchase the type of service that would eliminate these kinds of problems and keep the service free. Because we consider the "free" part important for parents and teachers, we've decided to cross our fingers and hope that "lightning" doesn't strike again.

Since we've had such bad luck recently, we've decided to run a smaller "mirror" site of our most important services. Check it out at and use it as a backup as needed.

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