Activity 1:
Where to Live

Have you ever had to move? Did you look at the climate,the geography of the area, the way people move from place to place, and the fashions of the area before you moved? In this activity you will choose one of the following jobs and explore the area that Kit is going to and where she is coming from.


You will choose one profession and explore your area. Then as a group you will decide the favorable and unfavorable qualities of each area. Write this information in two paragraphs: one paragraph about Barbados and the other one about the Connecticut Colony.

Process and Resources

  1. In your group you need to choose one person for each of the following professions
    • Geographer
    • Meteorologist
    • Fashion Designer
    • Transportation Director
  2. As the Geographer you need to find information about the landforms and develop a map of the area including the land and water forms of both Barbados and the Connecticut Colony
  3. As the Meteorologist you will need to find the information about the weather of the areas of Barbados and Connecticut
  4. As the Fashion Deisgner, your job is to find fashion design pictures for the period of 1680-1700. Make sure you are looking at the Puritan people for the Connecticut area and the wealthy people from the Barbados area
  5. As the Transportation Director brainstorm ways of transportation with your group then concentrate on the era of 1680-1740. You will need to consider Barbados and the Connecticut areas separately.
  6. Once your team has found all the information, you need to discuss and as group compile your information on each on one sheet of paper
Project Guidelines


Use the following guidelines for completing your project:

  • Label one paper with Barbados the other with the Connecticut Colony
  • Divide the paper into the four sections for your report (geography, fashions, weather and transportation)
  • Record the information onto the divided sheet using blue or black to write. .Balance the information on the page. Make sure it is neat, clean and easy to read.
  • Looking at both sheets as a group, decide the advantages and disadvantages for each area
  • Write a paper with three paragraphs (Barbados,Connecticut Colony, advantages /disadvantages)


Two groups will then share the information on their charts and paragraphs. There will also be time to discuss the similarities and differences in each group.

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