Activity 3:
Plays Galore
 " Camera! Lights! Action!" boomed the producer.


What we have before us is Kit's life at Barbados or Wethersfield. You are the producer and playwright. Your job is to write a play about Kit in either Wethersfield or Barbados which shows a typical day in her life.

Process and Resources

  1. After reading the novel find out about Barbados and Wethersfield.
    • weather
    • Vegetation/animals
    • landforms
  2. Using your knowledge from the novel and your research, choose one of the places for your play.
  3. After choosing , transport your mind back to 1687. This is Colonial America and Barbabos.
  4. Write your play based on the facts you have of your area and what a typical day would be like. Remember activities from the novel that Kit reflected on from her days in Barbados or what you actually read about in the novel.
  5. If you chose Barbados include the characters of Grandfather, Kit, her maid and other servants around the house.
  6. If you chose Wethersfield, it should include any of the characters from the novel and Kit. Please do not just recreate a scene from the novel.
  7. Your " day "should be written in play form including stage directions so that it can be acted out.
  8. When performing your character will need some props or costuming to lend a realistic side.

Project Guidelines

Use the following guidelines for completing your project:

  1. Use play form.
  2. Provide a setting which would include plants, animals, and weather.
  3. Include at least three characters in the play that interact throughout the play.
  4. One hard copy will be provided to the teacher.


The group will present their play to peers.

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