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Web-Based Thematic Unit:
The Witch of Blackbird Pond

Katherine Tyler grows up in Barbados living with her grandfather as a result of her parents dying when she is very young.In 1687 when her grandfather dies, she has to go to the Connecticutt Colony to live with her aunt. She must learn to live with her aunt and uncle as a Puritan. She encounters several people who are not open minded about slavery, freedom of relgion, and politics. She is even accused of being a "witch" because of her ability to swim and her association with Hannah Tupper. This leads to her having to escape to save her life.

This web-based thematic unit contains resources and activities for both teachers and students.

The Teacher Resources section contains an overview of the unit, in addition to ideas for establishing the learning environment, resources, and technology setup. It also provides classroom management strategies and a series of lesson outlines with standards and benchmarks, lesson timing, book connections, and assessment tools.

The Student Resources section contains links to ten activities for children to complete as they read the book.


Developed by Jane Reed, 04/07/2000