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 Web-Based Thematic Unit:
The Witch of Blackbird Pond- Teacher Resources 

This web-based thematic unit has a wide range of activities for grade 5-8. On this page you'll find an overview of the unit as well as lesson outlines and links to student activities.

Establishing the Learning Environment

This project can be implemented using some of the following ways

  • Read the book individually as a class
  • Read the book as reading groups
  • Read the book as a whole class

Many of the activities can be done as part of a learning center that contains books, print materials, real objects, a computer, and workspace. Consider creating a display that includes a small table and a bulliten board with pictures of the area in Connecticut around 1687, Puritan clothing, replicas of forms of punishment, pictures or models of the ships, houses, and possibly some information about the Salem witch trials. You could also include some virgin wool, a charter, and a trunk.


Technology Setup

  • Computer with "Net " access

Classroom Management and Activity Guidelines

Classroom activities have been provided as part of this thematic unit. A lesson overview has been provided for each activity. For each lesson, you'll find a set of benchmarks, a suggested timing of the lesson, specific pages connecting the book to the activities, performance assessments, and other activity ideas. Each activity page contains an introduction, task, process and resources, project guidelines, and a conclusion.


Activity 1

Activity 2
  • Overview: Students will research one of the following to develop background for the novel
  • Benchmarks
    • Establishes and adjusts purpose for reading
    • Summarizes and paraphrases information in texts
    • Uses information in a text to form an idea
    • Uses information in a text to compare/contrast
  • Timing:After chapter three
  • Book Connections:Chapter 6 government, Chapters 9-10 dame school, and religion page 121
  • Teacher Resources: See web links in activity one
  • Performance Assessments: Rubric
  • Other Activity Ideas:Class sharing of ideas

Activity 3

  • Overview:Students will write a short play depicting the daily life of Kit at Barbados or Wethersfield.
    • Uses a variety of strategies to respond to literature.
    • Recognizes and knows the defining characteristicsto identify a variety aof literary forms and genre
    • reflects on what has been learned after reading and formulates ideas,opinions,and presonal responces to texts.
    • Summerizes and paraphrases information.
  • Timing:When you have finished reading the novel
  • Book Connections:Chapters 1,2,4,12
  • Teacher Resources:See web sights in activity three
  • Performance Assessments: Rubric
  • Other Activity Ideas:Students will share thei plays with their peers.