Activity 3:
Long Journey Home

Imagine living in the late 1800's. Jonas lives in the future. Even though they are centuries apart, Jonas and Harriet Tubman shared a common feeling and experience; they both had to hide from people and travel at night; they also both feared for their own lives in their journey as well as for the people that they traveled with. They took care of their own.


First, students will need to research Harriet Tubman and the underground railroad. Students will compare the journey of Harriet Tubman and Jonas's journey at the end of the book. They will need to discuss the likes and differences with a partner and create a venn diagram together. From their venn diagram, they will write a compare/contrast paper that should be at least one page long. Then, with the same partner as above, students will create a poster mapping out the routes that Harriet Tubman took to bring the slaves to safety. They must also create a safe route for Jonas to take at the end of the novel.

Process and Resources

  1. Students need to use the websites given below to find information about the underground railroad.
  2. They will need to take notes on the information that they find and discuss and share their findings with a partner.
  3. After sharing and discussing with a partner, together they will create a venn diagram comparing and contrasting Jonas and Harriet Tubman's journeys and their lives and personalities in general.
  4. Individually, students will write a comparison/contrast report from the venn diagram they created.
  5. In partnerships again, students will make a poster that shows a route that Harriet Tubman took to get slaves to freedom and on the other half, create a safe route that Jonas may have taken. (This will be from their own imagination)
  6. Students will present their posters to the class together and choose the most interesting likes and differences in their opinion to share with the class.
  7. General underground railroad information
  8. Aboard the underground railroad
  9. The Menare Foundation's North Star Website
  10. Miscellaneous information

Project Guidelines

Use the following guidelines for completing your project:

  • Students will receive a copy of the grading rubric before the project begins.


Students will share their posters and share interesting facts that they found in their research. Encourage students to research other famous journeys in history such as Lewis and Clark or the journey of the slaves from Africa.

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Student Resources

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