Activity 2:
Karana's Heritage

When Karana was left on the island, she missed her family and people. She had to take on all the village roles by herself. She had to find food, make her own clothes, and many other roles.


Learn more about Karana's heritage. Take on the role of a member of Karana's tribe. How would you contribute to the tribe?

Process and Resources

  1. Create a list of all the tasks that Karana had to perform to survive on her own.
  2. Discuss how members of a tribe work together to survive.
  3. Learn more about the native people like the Chumash and the Aleut and their lives in the 1800s. After reading about the tribes, select a role and write a short story about the day in the life of that person. You could pick a child, teenager, or adult.


Hold a class meeting of the tribe with each person playing their role. 

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