Activity 4:
Survival Stories

Karana was a survivor. She was able to overcome many obstacles. There are many other books that feature survivors. In a small group, read another survival book such as Hatchet, My Side of the Mountain, Julie of the Wolves, A Girl Named Disaster, or Sign of the Beaver.



What does it take to be a survivor? Trace the life of each survivor on a timeline, then create a "Steps to Survival" list.


Process and Resources

  1. As you read the book, list the many things the character had to learn to survive. Would you have been able to survive alone?
  2. As a class, create a timeline using the Timeliner software including important events in Karana's survival experience. Now, do the same for the main character in your book including facts from the book. Print out the timeline and add pictures.
  3. Explore basic survival skills websites. Create a list of basic survival skills and compare this to the skills of each character.


Combine the timelines and survival lists together. How are the experiences of each survivor alike and different? Come up with a class list of "Steps to Survival".


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