Activity 1:
Take a Virtual Tour

The book does a great job describing the experiences of the Johansen and Rosen families during World War II. What was life like during the War in other parts of Europe? Find out at the Holocaust Museum.


Create a museum exhibit for a character in the book Number the Stars.

Process and Resources

  1. Go to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum website.
  2. Select one area of the museum to study.
  3. Compare a character in the book with something you found at the museum. Share this with the class.
  4. If you were creating a museum of the experiences of the Johansen and Rosen families, what items would you put in the museum? Why?
  5. Pick one of these items and describe its meaning to one of the characters.

Project Guidelines

Use the following guidelines for completing your project:

  • Create a diorama, web page, poster, or other way to express your ideas related to your museum exhibit.
  • Be sure to include information about the war, an artifact, and the character in the book.


Share your exhibit. Take photographs and create your own virtual museum.

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