Activity 2:
Holocaust Survivors

Number the Stars explores the experiences of two families. What was it like to survive the Holocaust?



Correspond with Holocaust survivors.


Process and Resources

  1. Read the testimonials of the people who lived through the Holocaust. Why do you think it's important to remember this sad period of history?
  2. Develop a set of questions for a Holocaust survivor.
  3. Use the following site to locate a person to email.
  4. E-mail your questions about the Holocaust. Holocaust survivors will respond directly. There is a time lag of up to six weeks.
  5. Try the following two people:
  6. Have a Holocaust survivor speak to your class. This could be difficult and will probably be easier for those in larger metro areas. A possible web resource to check into:


Project Guidelines

Use the following guidelines for completing your project:

  • Be sure to ask questions that are based on the facts that you have learned through the novel and other sources.
  • Carefully prepare your email communication including an introduction, good questions, and a conclusion.
  • Write a thank you to the person you interviewed.


Share what you've learned with others. Write a short story based on one of the answers you received.


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