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Web-Based Thematic Unit:
Number the Stars

This a gripping fictional re-creation of what it was like for Jewish people trying to flee occupied Denmark during World War II. Read along as Anne Marie Johansen and her family try to rescue a Jewish family from the tyranny of Adolph Hitler's Nazi regime. This suspenseful account was written by Lois Lowry. Number the Stars is a past Newbery recipient (1990).

This web-based thematic unit contains resources and activities for both teachers and students.

The Teacher Resources section contains an overview of the unit, in addition to ideas for establishing the learning environment, resources, and technology setup. It also provides classroom management strategies and a series of lesson outlines with standards and benchmarks, lesson timing, book connections, and assessment tools.

The Student Resources section contains links to ten activities for children to complete as they read the book.


Developed by Jeff Moen and Annette Lamb.